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HIV Healed

I tested HIV positive and I was so worried as I thinking nothing but death. I prayed all the prayers I knew but nothing happened.

I Googled online for prayer points and I came across “DIVINE HEALING (PRAYER POINTS)” by Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu. His number was also there. After praying as he instructed, I picked up my phone to call him.
He prayed for me through telephone and asked me to do test again. I went back to the hospital and it was negative. When I showed my employers, they doubted the result and they took me to another trusted hospital and it was negative.
The asked me to come back after two months for another test, and everything was negative. Truly, Jesus Christ is alive and he is using his servant, Pastor Chidi Oyesonwu. Praise the Lord. SISTER RACHAEL KENYA

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