(As it was in the time of Noah, Genesis 6-9, Mathew 24:37-42)

Saving Ark Christian Ministry

God Almighty has mandated the Saving Ark Christian Ministry to prepare His people for this second coming of His beloveth Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

We implore you to join this movement…that great commission. The time is almost at hand. People have forgotten that we are on a spiritual journey.


The world is CHANGING at a Geometric progression! The UNUSUAL things are happening at an alarming rate!! But our GOD remains the same!!!


All the signs have been accomplished.


It’s just like the time of NOAH. (Genesis Chapters 6 and 7).


We are only living at the ‘injury time’. Anything can happen at any time. Behold, He comes unexpectedly, as a thief….Revelation 16:15


Abide in JESUS CHRIST; HE is the only Saving Ark.


Weekly Activities:

Sunday: Worship 8.30 am – 11.30am

Tuesday: Bible Study 6pm

Thursday: Hour of Grace  6pm (Healing and Miracles Service)

Saturday: Counseling and Prayers : 1pm – 5pm


Address: No. 17 Nteje Street behide NECO Office (Hill View Community) Arab Road Kubwa, Abuja.


Telephone: 08164344458 or 07081831075


Giving to Saving Ark Christian Ministry is a fruitful way of transforming the world for Christ. Your financial gift enables people around the world to hear the Gospel. Because of your generosity, the message of Christ is being preached and souls are saved!

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At the age of 5,the gifts of God upon the life of Pastor Chidi Onyesonwu began to manifest: He prayed for the sick and they were healed;He prayed for the barren and they conceived;etc.’Father’ IE. Rev Father took over his name till this day because of the wondrous miracles God did through him.


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